Find an Empty Leg Flight

Empty leg flights have become one of the most searched for service in the private jet charter market. Thanks to their incredible savings compared to standard charter flights, empty legs have increased in popularity as savvy travelers spread the word.

Luxury jetsetters and VIP travelers who enjoy flying around the world without being tethered to a schedule can benefit the most, as empty legs are the best way for flexible travelers to enjoy private jet charters at just a fraction of the price.

Although it's the most luxurious way to fly to Vegas without betting everything you own to make it home, there are some restrictions and limitations compared to standards charter flights. Even worse, sometimes they're falsely advertised just to grab your attention.

What is an Empty Leg?

Every day, more than 15,000 business jets and privately owned planes fly across the United States and around the world. The majority of these planes are available for charter, and flights are booked on them whenever they’re not being used by aircraft owners.

As flights are arranged, operators revise the schedules for each aircraft . Every now and  then, a gap is created in the schedule where planes need to reposition to another airport to pick up passengers. Planes may also need to relocate to its home airport after completing a flight. These flights often take-off with only the pilots and flight crew aboard the plane.

This what is referred to as an empty leg flight.

Also known within the aviation community as a “Deadhead”, they are flights scheduled to depart whether or not paying passengers are on board. Since these flights are taking off empty, operators market the trip for specific time, date, and routing, and offer it at a substantially discounted rate.

How do I Find an Empty Leg Flight?

Looking for an empty leg on your own? Finding one on your own can be a difficult, time consuming task. Plus, it's almost impossible to determine if you're getting the best deal available without the ability to view the entire charter market and all of the empty leg deals available.

Operators sometimes list empty legs on their websites, and the price is often included. Although this offers a convenient book-it-and-go process, you may be limited to choosing from the aircraft within their individual fleet. Plus, the price isn't always all-inclusive, and may have left out taxes, fuel, and other fees.

Even if you're able to find an operator with the type of aircraft required for your flight, these deals are snatched up very quickly. Many empty legs are created just a few days from the scheduled trip, making them just as hard to book as they are to find.

Contacting a private jet charter broker gives you access to virtually every private plane across the market, including all of the aircraft being offered by charter operators. Having greater visibility, brokers will increase your chances of finding a transient plane that matches the routing of your flight. They'll also make operators compete against each other, reducing costs so you get the best deal every time you fly.

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